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Does his woohoo turn metal too?? Yes?? I guess it would be like one of those dildos... - l2eason Never Seems To Beat Emotions [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Does his woohoo turn metal too?? Yes?? I guess it would be like one of those dildos... [May. 3rd, 2003|04:12 am]
Well, today I called Alex and we hung out around 2. He got done painting the house early and he came over. Then we got our workout clothes on and we headed for the lady that had the couch that I wanna buy. So when we got there we went up and asked if she would be willing to hold onto it for us until tomrrow. She said that we would. However, I didnt have the money on me so we had to go to the bank so I could get the 50 bucks. Then, just as we were pulling away to go to the bank, some Mexicans in a lowrider pull up. We were afrid that she was going to sell it to them because they had a truck and they could take it right then if they actualyl wanted to. So we rushed. When we got back to her house, it was still there. I paid her the money, and I have to go get the couch tomorrow. After that Alex and I went to the guy back at GVSU. It was bad. We havent lifted in so long our techniqes were horrible and we couldnt lift crap. So after that we went back to his moms house and hung out there for a little bit. We ate some chicken and then he took a shower and I rested on his couch. Then we decided to go to see X-Men 2. So we went to star for that. I just want people to know, that when Jean first said, "I cant seem to concentrate on my power" I IMMEDIATELY said "PHOENIX." So I thought I would get mad props because I called it to early. So.. I dunno if I do are not. But I called it before anyone else did. THEN!! FUCKING COLOSSUS!! HOLY CRAP!! THAT WAS FUCKING SWEET!! I almost compltely forgot about him then he pulled the metal armor out!! HOLY CRAP!! I couldnt stop saying "COLOSSUS!!" for the entire movie. HOWEVER, Iceman has always been one of my favorites because hes cool. No pun intended. I dunno. I think it goes with my natural tolerace for the cold and thats why I like him. Anyway, I came back to my house after that and Ive been playing CS until now. My scores have been REALLY good all night...

Ive been thinking a lot about Jess lately. And thats NOT a good thing. It WOULD be a good thing if we were dating, however, thats not the case. Im planning on calling her tomorrow. That way I can go staright from an argument, if thats what it turns into, to getting drunk as hell. I thought I was going to go to Dans party tonight, but its tomorrow night. I cant wait. Should be a fucking sweet time.

[User Picture]From: zerojapan
2003-05-05 10:13 pm (UTC)

So i was giving Tim props for calling it early,

you fucking nerd
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[User Picture]From: l2eason
2003-05-06 12:36 am (UTC)

Re: So i was giving Tim props for calling it early,

Yes!! I WIN!!
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